Healing Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

Healing Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

There is compelling evidence that suggests connection to nature actively supports the healing process. Patients of all ages — and especially children — can greatly benefit from the restorative effects that the outdoors can have on our minds and bodies. With 3.5 acres of green space and gardens, this concept is front and center in our hospital design. Outdoor patios and gardens on each floor allow for fresh air and relaxation. Our new hospital features multiple gardens to further extend nature into the hospital experience and also provide places for siblings and family members to pass the time while waiting for their child.

  • The Emerald Garden features a sea-themed play area for children and includes amphitheater-style seating for special events.
  • The Dunlevie Garden, located between the main and west buildings, contains engaging educational sculptures that children can physically explore. Winding pathways snake throughout the garden and lead visitors to discovery points.  The garden’s interactive habitats include a puma den, a gopher burrow and a hollowed-out redwood tree trunk with climbing stairs. Thoughtful, imaginative features include a life-size sundial with large animal sculptures situated around its dial and a stone labyrinth that engages visitors of all ages who walk through its maze.
  • Our healing garden is adjacent to the Sanctuary, our spiritual space. Here, families will find a tranquil and welcoming area for quiet reflection and a place to find solace and support. It features a meditational labyrinth and space for prayer or larger services.
  • The half-climate entry offers a seamless transition from outdoors to inside.  Starting out front of the main building, a wide, curving breezeway with slatted glass-panels line the walkway.  When it rains the slats allow water to drop into the plants below, an example of the hospital’s effort to conserve water and create water-efficient landscapes.
  • Our staff-only garden lets caregivers enjoy the outdoors during breaks and provides a dedicated zone for mindfulness and stress reduction.

Our goal was to “let the outside in” wherever possible. In a departure from many hospital experiences, patient rooms feature large, picture windows and we’ve provided access to outdoor patios at every level to bring the beauty of the outdoors nearby.

Bears art

Art and nature are part of a holistic approach to healing

Nature’s constant presence helps create a nurturing and unintimidating place for patients and families

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